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Sister Companies
Created by Capital Link

Capital Link established these companies to keep pace with development and provide all services in Egypt and the Middle East.

Technical & Administrative

Experts and Industrial Business Company ibe provides integrated consultancy from integrated structuring works, technology transfer and expertise between Egyptian companies and their foreign counterparts, technical and administrative consultancy and business development. The company relies on a large network of experts specialized in various sectors of industry.

Energy & Environment

The Energy and Environment Experts Company, Trible E, provides comprehensive energy solutions with the aim of improving efficiency, providing alternatives to traditional fuels, obtaining environmental approval, preparing an environmental study study, tackling environmental problems facing factories, and developing plans to reduce harmful emissions and to recycle solid and liquid waste.ا

Technology Field

Capital Tech provides web design services, hosting, domain, protection, technical support and other services such as, developing websites, creating e. commerce websites, and other mobile applications. The company also provides digital marketing services, marketing campaigns and advertising campaigns on Google and on social media.


Transform your business with
new technologies

Capital link helps companies use technology to
solve core business problems.

Some of Action Steps

  • Initial analysis of the company.
  • Signing a non-disclosure agreement.
  • Complete the required information and documents.

Some of the Services

  • Financial advice
  • Economic research and reports
  • Technical Consulting
  • Marketing and export consultancy

We have a history of business with
leading companies
in the Middle East

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