Finance consulting services


1 – Preparing financing management policies for companies and studying the available financing alternatives and the advantages and costs of each alternative.

2 – Study, analyze, the current situation of the company from various technical, market and financial aspects, and prepare a Gap Analysis report. This is detailed with proposals for improving the situation with the same existing resources

3 – Preparing economic feasibility studies, integrated business plans for companies and proposals for expansion, and its reflection on the company’s financial expectations in the future.

4 – Estimating the fair value of companies using the discounted cash flow method (DCF), valuation work for companies with the revised book value by re-evaluating the assets with the help of companies specialized in this field.

5 -Financial restructuring of companies and studying proposals to reduce cash outflows and rationalizing items of direct and indirect expenses.

6 – Studying the change of the legal form of companies from partnership companies to joint stock companies, preparing the necessary papers and the initial evaluation of the company’s assets with the help of experts in preparation for submission to the General Authority for Investment.

7- Providing the necessary marketing studies to reach the best marketing strategy.


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