About Us

Reliable and efficient studying the available
financing alternatives.

Capital Link has been helping businesses grow through the high quality, customized consultancy we've been providing for many years.


Activities of analytical studies and financial planning, and other studies necessary to implement the deals.


Preparing business and economic reports such as merger and acquisition reports.


Uses data from past projects
to provide better delivery estimates.

Capital Link Globe is one of the leading companies in the Arab region in creating communication between investors, mutual funds and between companies looking to attract investments.

The company has a massive network of contacts that includes more than 435 investment companies, a direct investment fund, and institution finance from Europe, America, Asia, the Middle East and Africa is one of those interested in investing in Egypt, the Middle East and Africa in general.

The company relies on a work team that has experience and knowledge in the Egyptian, MENA and African markets, as well as strong strategic relationships with clients, investors, regulators, and advisors and partners and other interested parties.

  • Promotion and investment attraction services.
  • Financial advisory services.
  • Studies, reports and government studies.
  • Marketing and export consulting services and opening foreign markets.

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